Top five types of vacuum cleaner

Purchasing a vacuum cleaner is not the simple task like purchasing anything from the grocery store. In the market, you can see lots of vacuum cleaner with different size, functions, shape, and prices. To keep your home clean and debris-free you need to get the best vacuum which can complete the every needof your home. Find below some popular type of vacuum cleaner you can select from:

  1. Handheld: This type of vacuum is best for the tiny corners and hard to reach the area of your house. The common example of the handheld vacuum use is car cleaning. The models of handheld vacuums are designed in a way that they can be held in even one hand. However, they might not serve well for the floor cleaning. For that, you can another option too. 
  2. Canister: This type of cleaner is the best and powerful cleaners. This model comes in between the upright and stick model. However, they can be powerful liked the upright model, but posses a slender frame. This type of vacuums generally bears much cost as compared with the other types. The reason behind its cost is their multifunction design and modern technology.
  1. Upright: Perhaps these are the most popular models amongst vacuum cleaners. Probably whenever you think about the vacuum cleaner the image of the model might have come across your mind. These are the powerful models which provide the best cleanup to your house. It comes with the easy to understand functions and additional tools. Most of that model comes with the setting like they can be used for the carpet surface and for bare floors too. 
  2. Stick: Probably this is the least used model in vacuums. Though this is the best you can get for the wooden floor and any other hard floor and as well as works well for rugs and light carpets. These models have a long stick handle and slim structure. So they can be great for the closet spaces.                
  3. Robot/ Autonomous: Robotic vacuum cleaner is one of thepopular type of vacuum cleanerthese days because they need less overhead and work well in any area and place. These models can move freely around the house and have a powerful sucking up function. They not only save the time even they can do things which cannot be done even with the help larger vacuum. The major drawback of these models is they bear the higher price. 

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