How to choose the perfect window and door style for your property

Doors and windows are a lot more than a way of keeping wind and rain out of your house. They play a huge role in dictating its appearance. Carefully chosen doors and windows can enhance the look of your home and even add to its value.

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It is a big decision to replace doors and windows and something that you should think carefully about. Here is a quick guide to selecting the best windows and doors for your home.

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Choice of doors and windows

According to style experts at Good House Keeping magazine there are plenty of innovative designs in the pipeline for the humble door including corner doors and baby doors. However, for the foreseeable future, people are likely to stick with traditional versions.

When you contact a Cheltenham double glazing company such as you will have plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular.

Choice of windows

Casement windows are probably the most common type of window in domestic properties. They have been used in house construction for hundreds of years. Typically, they open outwards and are attached to a frame by two or more hinges. They are very functional and stand up well to constant use.

Bay windows are another classic design. Because of the shape of the window, they usually have to be integrated together. They protrude outwards giving an attractive appearance to the front fa├žade of the house and create more space in rooms. They actually comprise three windows. One is fixed and it is flanked by two other windows. A variation is the bow window which comprises four to six windows in an arc.

Sash windows have a sliding mechanism and are found in older houses.

Choice of doors

French doors are hinged at the side. They create a double opening which connects the internal and external entertaining spaces in your home. They bring style and elegance to your home and can have many small panes of glass in them.

Patio doors are an alternative and space-saving solution. You can choose a slender frame and huge glazed panes to give an uninterrupted view of the garden and allow lots of light in. By-fold doors are a type of patio doors with hardly any frame.

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